Cancellation/ Refund Policy

⚠️ In case the product has some damage or has some issues, share the video, and photos with the order id, and problems related to the product and we shall exchange the product with no extra charges.

Note that with every care we pack your order. we would advise you to check the size you select and read the description box before purchasing or placing an order. After the payment is done and the order is placed, we shall not entertain the canceled order and would not refund the payment. Just in case the mistake is from our side, then need not worry, we would exchange the product.

Hoping that you have purchased the product knowing the fact that we do not entertain returns, refunds, or canceled orders.

Just in case you are willing to talk to us before payment then kindly contact us or WhatsApp us.

Since the products are on a made-to-order basis, once placed we do not refund orders.
Exchanges are only allowed within 72 hours of receiving the package.

Upon receipt of your package, your products will be examined and once approved you can get a new product.

We shall cancel your order –

Note that we shall cancel your order if you choose to use unauthentic coupon codes, or illegal coupon codes or you choose to hack and get discounts or use coupon codes that have not been legally provided by us or our team. We shall not provide you with any particular reason for the cancellation of your order. Our team or company is not responsible for your loss after ordering from our site by using unauthentic coupon codes.

The use of unauthentic or illegal coupon codes, hacking the system to get discounts, or using coupon codes that have not been legally provided by us or our authorized partners is unethical and can result in the cancellation of your order. It is important for customers to follow the terms and conditions of the coupon code and only use legitimate discounts to ensure a smooth and satisfactory shopping experience while maintaining the integrity of the company’s promotional efforts.


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